Happy birthday T!

How did we get so old?
Next year, T will enter his 30’s and I’ll be right on the precipice.
It’s amazing to think about how this is the ninth birthday we’ve celebrated together, the eighteenth birthday cake we’ve shared.
Even more than cake – and there’s been A LOT of cake – we’ve had the opportunity to share so much together from trips to struggles to love for our guinea piggies. I often say that we have been through more in our relatively short time together than many others have in decades of marriage.
And it’s true.
From our mental health struggles to my shitty body to dealing with abuse to helping others and more – there isn’t much that we haven’t had to tackle together. Pregnancy is probably the biggest one and who knows if we’ll get there because we’re happy with our piggies. Snagging a house would be the next one and that’s a journey we’re starting to look at.
A lot of this can be super intense. At the end of the day, though, we have each other and that’s pretty special.

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