Alexander Kirsten-ton #HAWMC

Quotation Inspiration. Find a quote that inspires you (either positively or negatively) and free write about it for 15 minutes.
I saw Hamilton Tuesday night on Broadway.
I know, I know. More will be coming on that soon. All I can process right now is that it was amazing and my head is still spinning from it.
There is so much that I identify with in the show. 
I am a bastard and kind of an orphan. I write like all the time. I push myself like there’s no tomorrow because, for many of us living with illnesses, we can easily die at any moment. 
I definitely didn’t think I’d live to be this old. 
I’m done for waiting for others to change the worlds that we live in every day. Like Hamilton in the song above (My Shot), I’m ready to change the world for the better. I’ve made friends along the way – and continue to do so – but I know that I’m often a bit of a lone wolf in this work, and that’s okay.

Do you have a favorite quote you’d like to share?

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