Super Kirsten! #HAWMC

Superpower Sunday! If you had a superpower – what would it be? How would you use it?
If you asked the average person this, they might say things like ‘flight’ or ‘teleportation’ or even ‘invisibility.’ 
I wouldn’t mind the first two. There’s always a plus to being able to control my own travel stuff and to visit all over the world with a thought or a bit of flying.
Ask me, though, what more realistic superpower I want and I’ll tell you – vulnerability.
Ever since I started writing about my health, I did it for me and for others. I needed to learn more about what I was dealing with in order to grow, but I also needed to share things with T and even teachers. I shared the truth to understand myself and for others to understand me.
As I learned more about myself, I learned how guarded I was and worked on that. The more vulnerable I’ve become, the more people I’ve been able to help because I am being real about what I’m feeling and facing. When you find your mission in life, like helping people, anything that helps you accomplish that stuff is essentially your superpower. 
And I’m pretty happy about that.

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  1. Mine woudl be flight, That way I woudl likely be on Air disasters. By the way you know how to fly? You go to the tallest building and you dive head first aimed at the ground(you do this very deliberately). Then (this is the most important part) you miss.

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