Best New Bed Ever: Tuft & Needle

We got a new bed – though the photo above is definitely not our room (but from the T&N site). The old mattress is still up and leaning on the wall along with crap (aka my extraneous pillows) on the floor.
Plus, I’m writing and T is on the bed, so it’s funner to post pictures like this without his knowledge:
Anyway, we both were uncomfortable on the old pillow-top mattress – the first real bed I’d ever owned. T did some research and found Tuft & Needle.
A huge portion of their website is dedicated to education. I already knew memory foam isn’t the best for heavier set people like T and me. Springs were also not going awesomely. T&N mattresses are made of an adaptive foam providing excellent (but firm) support. It also wicks away heat which is badass because of my fevers, temperature sensitivity, and T’s super warmth.
With their 100 night in-home trial and the fact that ‘returned’ mattresses are donated in the buyer’s community, we figured why the hell not? Let’s buy a bed!
The bed shows up in a cute box.
(from the T&N site)
You pull the mattress out, cut away the plastic, and let the mattress both air out and grow.
We’ve been sleeping on the new bed about a week now and holy cow, y’all.
My joints are happier. My neck/shoulders don’t ache when I wake up. Some of my nerve stuff isn’t as bad as it’s been – whether that’s the bed itself or the fact that I’m getting restful sleep, I don’t know.
What I do know is that this is a badass bed and I hope that everyone has one just as awesome.
This seems like an ad I know, but I’m just really freaking happy about this bed. The company is also hella responsive on social media and via email which is awesomesauce.


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  1. I also love a good mattress. Oh yes that feels good.

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