I wanted to expand more on the dietary stuff surrounding Still’s Disease.

The site that I put up a while ago talked about diets for those with chronic pain ailments, including arthritis. The ten things they list are:
  • Thou shalt have no foods but fresh
  • Thou shalt not become a caffeine addict
  • Thou shalt not treat all vegetables equally
  • Remember omega-3s, and consume them liberally
  • Honor thy yeast, and use it sparingly
  • Thou shalt not eat too much dairy
  • Thou shalt not commit carb overload
  • Thou shalt go easy on aspartame
  • Thou shalt not bear a diet with additives
  • Thou shalt not covet thy coworkers junk food
Obviously, this is not an easy diet to maintain, especially if you are a college student. Heck, I’d love to eat Taco Bell and drink Mountain Dew everyday for the rest of my life at this point. I had mentioned in an earlier post that the only “commandment” here that I really follow is the one regarding aspartame, which I’m allergic to. For more on the main ingredient I’m allergic to, go to my other blog.
Eating anti-oxidants are good for the body, so fruits like apples and strawberries as well as green tea are good things to keep around. Vitamin E, calcium, and proteins are also essential to get in your diet.

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