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Want to Guest Post?

First things first, hi! I’m flattered you’d like to share information on the site. Please shoot me a note about your idea first and, please, give me plenty of time to respond. Dealing with chronic health issues on top of having a very busy schedule means it can take me a while.

Unless I reach out to you regarding reposting content previously posted elsewhere, all guest posts should be new and fresh content.

Since the focus of this site is chronic illness/disability, all guest posts must be related. Posts that are unrelated will not be accepted.

Please cite any sources you utilize within your post.

I would love to snag any photos of you that you’d feel comfortable posting. Other photos must be yours to utilize, whether owned by you or under Creative Commons licenses. Make sure to also include a bio for me to share along with the article. Feel free to include social media or website links. That said, you are welcome to stay anonymous if needed/wanted. Please let me know in your note.

I reserve the right to refuse any guest post, for any reason. I also may edit your post for grammar or apply trigger warnings as necessary.

Ready to get started?

Email me with a brief introduction of who you are, what your site is about (if applicable), and provide a few topic ideas along with some ideas on how to expand on them. If I feel it’s something that our readers would enjoy, I’ll reach back out. Because of my schedule, I may not reach out for a while in either case. Please note that April-October is the busiest time of year for me and there will likely be a very long delay in responses during this time.