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Rheumy Appointment #1

So I had my first rheumy appointment in forever today. Here’s the short synopsis of what went down:
  • Got there perfectly on time and the nurse was ready to take me back before I was even fully checked in
  • Found out I lost like two pounds, haha
  • Kicked a dude out of the examination room we were going into
  • Went over medical history with doctor’s assistant and then the doctor, which took forever
  • Changed into a medical gown for the first time since I was like 7
  • Physical exam – not invasive at all, DR was really nice
  • Pee test!
  • Blood drawing for complete lab work – they took TEN vials
  • Cranberry juice!
  • Hospital pants and robe
  • X-rays – 3 on each hand and foot, and two on each knee
All in all it was pretty exciting. Everyone at the hospital/Medical College was really, really nice. I even took this awesome picture for y’all to see:
The pants were entirely too big, haha, but whatevs – they were comfy.
I was pretty woozy after the blood business. I haven’t really been good with needles since I had to be around them all the time when I was little and my disease was still a mystery to us. I’d also like to point out that I have one heck of a migraine right now. Awesomeeee.
My follow-up appointment is on April 8th.

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  1. Also, the doctor called me back today to check on me. Seriously, nicest doctor ever!

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