I feel like I’m going through the coping and grieving stages of RA again. It’s not a bad thing per se, but it isn’t fun either. A couple days ago, I tried to act like nothing was wrong, even though I was literally about to pass out from being so exhausted and not taking care of myself right. Then I was just angry about it.

Now I’m scared…

  • that starting school in the fall will make things worse again
  • that moving out on my own will be a lot harder than I thought
  • that the actual act of moving will consist of people doing most of it, or me trying too hard and hurting myself
  • that this job has me on my feet too much
  • that my pinky toes have gone from not pleasant looking to gross
  • that my elbows have started aching for no ‘good’ reason
  • that the people in my life will get tired of how much they have to help me and take care of me, and they’ll eventually disappear – I’ve read about so many relationships and friendships falling apart because of RA…
  • that I won’t be able to go do the fun things I still haven’t done yet, like visiting Machu Picchu or going into the Grand Canyon or even dance at my wedding someday without feeling like I’m going to die afterwards
  • that I’ll end up alone when I need help the most because I hate to be an inconvenience and I push everyone away, or tell them I’m fine when I pretty much never am
  • that I don’t know whether I’m sharing enough of what’s going on with others, or too much – neither option is a good one
In general, I’m just so tired. This summer, the RA has been the worst I can remember since I first got sick. And I just am not sure what to do.

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  1. Sorry you're going through such a horrible time. I don't know what to say but just know you're not alone in your fears, I have the exact same ones and I'm sure everyone living with this disease does.

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