Rheumy Appt #3 Results

Well, that went alright, ish.

She scolded me for not taking vitamin D. Last time I was there, she said just to make sure I was taking the multi I was on at the time… which I stopped taking because it made me REALLY sick. She also wasn’t too happy that I was sometimes, in the course of a whole day, taking both ibuprofen and Aleve. ‘Tevs.

She had some labs run, to check my blood counts and thyroid – and to rule out mono, since I’ve been really fatigued lately. I’m 95% sure that I don’t have it, and I think she’s checking it as a formality really.

Oh, also, I have psoriasis. Awesome.

I’m off to the opthamologist tomorrow to make sure my eyes are okay to start Plaquenil. I am just so excited. Whewoo.

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  1. I always got scolded for not taking vit D, too, until I found a liquid form — does not upset y stomach; yay!

  2. Nice! Is it prescription or OTC?

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