First Day of Grad School

And I’m pooped!

I had a mishap with a few buses today, walked a ton more than I was planning on, and got completely soaked with the boyfriend running to his apartment from the bus stop.

Also, my neck hurts pretty badly.

Also also, I keep freaking out about the (pretty much?) inevitable extreme physical disability that goes along with RA… and the fact that, statistically speaking, we die earlier than ‘healthy’ people. Being someone who studies religion, I don’t really subscribe to a particular one (except maybe Buddhism, but there are even parts of that I don’t agree with)… because I feel like religion was something we invented to explain mysteries of the universe and to feel more comforted on this lonely planet. So, what happens when everything is over? And, worst of all, how will that affect the people closest to me? Will they still be around to see it?

And why do I keep dwelling on that? Stupid arthritis getting worse this year >:-O

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