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Fun Links

If you haven’t taken a look at my team’s page for the 2011 Run/Walk to Irish Fest coming up in August, please head on over and take a look. The money goes to help our cause. Even if you’re not in the area, we’re always looking for donations!

Did you know that there is a rap song about RA? Well, there is! Head on over and take a listen. MOEtivation samples a Nina Simone song, which I think just makes it that much better.

Opportunity, one of the rovers up on Mars right now, apparently has an arthritic shoulder problem. Who knew machines could get arthritis too?

The Dutch are currently working on an implant to be put in the neck that could help control inflammation for RA.  Right now they’re moving into a possible trial phase. I think this could be an interesting device, but it is hard to work to cure a disease when you don’t know the cause.

Did you ever wonder where jacuzzis come from? Rheumatoid arthritis and wine. Mmmmmm.

Sometimes it feels like you need a little luck to get through bad days. These jerks have hogged all your luck. Nah, but seriously, that is a pretty neat story.

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