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When Ugliness Returns

I was SO excited after my wisdom tooth surgery – my arthritis had dissipated and was calm. Everything was wonderful…

Until the Friday afterwards, when people at work fought and I got to go deal with it. Ugh.

I won’t get into the whole situation, but just a few days before as soon as laughing gas hit my face, my body was perfect. Yeah, okay, so I had some gaping holes where a few teeth used to be, but other than that… Returning to work made my body hurt exponentially more.

So what did I do?

Well, I’ve found a new job and will be starting that in early October. While I will be sad to leave some of the people that I currently work with, being in management while going to school and handling this disease is just not something I can do. Part of me feels like I’m giving up, but the other (bigger) part knows that I’m doing what’s best for me and that I’m being realistic.

My new job will let me sit down all the time. I won’t have to run around and move heavy things. I also have no direct interaction with angry people, nor do I have to make it right. Instead, I will spend my time captioning  one half of a phone call in order to help people who are hard of hearing better understand their friends, loved ones, and random people. So I also get to feel a lot better about what I do for a living.

And they have benefits. I dunno what they will be like and won’t know until orientation I’m sure. But that’s exciting, and hopefully helpful. And I will get full time hours too. Yay.

Now I just need to get through the rest of the month and the six days I will have to work overnight before I am done. And talking to my boss tomorrow morning. Awesome.

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