Christmas comes early

Or, at least, I hope it does.

The last week has been amazing. I’ve watched everyone stress out about finals and studying, and not had to deal with it for once. It really was that sinking in moment since making my decision to stop school. My body feels a lot better than I know it would if I were doing all this school stuff.

Still, it’s in rough shape.

A couple of days ago, my left hip hurt so much. It almost felt like it was swollen so much it wasn’t in its socket. Way to be, hip. Then, of course, my knee started hurting. And then, because I was favoring my right side, that started hurting.


Now, tomorrow is something I’ve been holding out for for a couple of months – a new rheumatologist. I’m nervous, because I always am. I know I’ll have to tell my whole story (for the 10 millionth time), get blood taken (blech), and who knows what else. I’m hoping to walk away with the beginnings of trust in my new doc, supposedly one of the best rheumatologists in Madison.

I’m also hoping to walk away with a few different medications, and a dosage change for my Humira.

Humira helped so much at the beginning. As it got colder, and my body got used to the medication, it stopped helping as much. I went from being able to hike miles this summer to being super out of shape and sweating and getting out of breath during a mile and a half walk with my boyfriend. I couldn’t even do easy yoga poses last night that I can usually do easily. So lame.

Here are my main goals for my appointment:

  • See if she actually believes me about my pain
  • Get her to correct dumbo doctor’s mistakes in my medical records
  • Check for fibro, depression ( 🙁 ), and uveitis
  • Dosage changes for current meds
  • Ideas for a good GP
  • Dietary/exercise suggestions
  • And maybe a fibro medication that helps with the sads too
I really really hope that things go well, because I really really need them to this time around.

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