HAWMC, health activist writer's month challenge

Health Mad Lib Poem

Taken from: http://languageisavirus.com/cgi-bin/madlibs.pl

painful cow’s painful cow

painfully i have never running, carefully beyond
any ankle, your wrists have their swollen:
in your most tender knees are things which shooting me,
or which i cannot swimming because they are too slowly

your red look quickly will unpumping me
though i have calling myself as ankles,
you eating always shins by shins myself as bike crying
(cursinging patiently, quietly) her itchy treadmill

or if your book be to flying me, i and
my doctor will swelling very easily, readily,
as when the pie of this ankle hurting
the music loudly everywhere smilinging;

nothing which we are to mooing in this neck watching
the joints of your cold fluid: whose pants
listening me with the feet of its toes,
talkinging fingers and margarita with each singinging

(i do not dancing what it is about you that rapping
and writing; only something in me blogging
the sangria of your wrists is calm than all bike)
stars, not even the shoulders, has such warm back

– Kirsten & e.e. cummings

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