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RA News

It’s been a while since I shared news stories, so have some!

In the UK, it takes over 3 GP visits for RA to be diagnosed. Compared to the months and months most of us struggle, it seems kind of silly, but it’s still too long. And Brits know that.

In Europe, more work with stem cells is being done. Right now, a Cx611 drug is in testing.

There is a low quality of care for RA patients (DUH) and there is some question as to whether the Affordable Care Act will help or hurt that.

Could bacteria in your mouth be making your RA worse? It’s a possibility.

I thought this was cool: 11 Burning Questions with a student living with arthritis. BTW systemic onset JRA is Still’s Disease.

Can you imagine living in the wilderness for a year? Apparently she can – and did. Yikes.

Sarilumab, another IL-6R drug, is going through phase 3 treatments right now. It’ll be interesting to see how it works.

More talk of alcohol limiting RA pain. Gee, something that has been used as anesthesic for years might help pain? No way! 🙂

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