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Love Songs to Arthur, Part Deux

I’ve already talked about my lovely feelings towards my disease and my horrible lover, Arthur.

I’ve ventured into a really artsy time in my life right now, and a large part of that is to get out anger I have – anger at Arthur, anger at failed medications and side effects, anger at people for not understanding or caring or for thinking I’m just a fat pig, etc, etc, etc. When I feel artsy, I don’t paint and I don’t work with clay. I dive into music.

I’ve always had a huge fear of performing in front of people – that fear of messing up and having all eyes on me (when I’m not sexy right then) judging what I do. But I figure that you guys have read about my sex life now, so we really are like best friends right?

A bit ago, I shared a link to my cover of “Fly” by Nicki Minaj and Rihanna – what I consider to be my theme song. I have since covered Lady Gaga (pre-Monster), Tim Minchin (please, look up his stuff now and thank me later), Gotye, and of course Her Diamonds by Rob Thomas.

So come check out my tumblr where I will be posting/sharing uplifting things about self-esteem and my musical skills in an effort to a) get over my public interaction/speaking/performing fears, b) get better at playing ukulele, and, c) share awesome songs that I absolutely love.

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