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Savor the Flavour

So last night the fiance and I went to the 14th Annual Savor the Flavour event to benefit the Arthritis Foundation. It was pretty cool, especially with it being a wine tasting.

Mmm wine.

What? Oh sorry.

I had a great time despite feeling very under-dressed, under-money-ed, and under-prepared.

I wish I could go back over my speech and that I could have made it better. I should have prepared by reading it out loud more. Oh well. I got a lot of pat-on-the-backs for even speaking so that was nice. I also am pretty sure I’ve made a few great friends as a result of going.

And also the wine.

We ended up winning a few things from the silent auction and Ron Dayne, former Wisconsin Badger and NFL football player totally initiated a hug as he was leaving.

It was really hard to come home and not feel cocky. But then this morning Arthur reminded me I had already been cocky enough by going in less than comfy clothes and shoes.

I stayed home from work for the second day in the last two weeks. I hate doing it because my paycheck just gets smaller but I just – I had no choice really. I was already dealing with a spasming back upon waking up and my knees and ankles were just killing me. Surprisingly my right knee is the most angry, but my left side is always the worst. Huh. All those things only get worse if I’m at work though. My hands are pretty poofy today too unfortunately. Blech.

Hopefully tomorrow is better. The more removed I am from the speech the better I feel, but if I speak again at an event I totally need to not freak out when I say ‘um’ or feel the need to go over my note cards really meticulously.


Anyway, here’s my speech. The fiance totally recorded it for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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  1. It's natural to worry you messed up but you didn't! You were totally amazing, trust me. I wouldn't even have been able to stand up there, never mind speak!

    Take it easy now, hope those joints are settling down after some rest xx

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