Dear everyone in the work force or going to school:

Some people in the world unfortunately have to be on medications that destroy their immune system in order to keep them a functioning member of society. They can’t take these when they get a normal illness or infection like the cold or the flu. A cold for you can turn into amazingly wonderful things like pneumonia, bronchitis, and all kinds of fun infections for us. So the next time you are sick, please stay home from your job or from school. Seriously.

I just, I can’t handle the ignorance of people with regards to being sick. Maybe jobs need to have more sick days allowed when there is someone with an autoimmune condition requiring these types of treatments. Sure, the sick person usually gets a little slack or FMLA. But I mean for the others, so they can actually not get me sick.

I seriously feel like a whining 4 year old. This whatever-infection-it-will-turn-out-to-be-by-the-time-I-get-it-looked-at is like decimating me. I’m used to pain a hundred times more worse than this. I’m used to feeling a lot worse than this all over with a much higher pain problem. But add a tickle and swelling in the throat to itching in the throat and ears and I’m out for the count.


I want to seriously punch the next person who gets close to me with the goddamn sniffles or a hacking cough or a fever.

Long story short: I don’t want to be immobile for weeks or in the hospital deathly ill because you didn’t want to use a goddamn sick day or you felt like you needed to man the fuck up and tough it out at work. Everyone wants you to go home including you, but especially me.


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