May 10th: Wear Blue & Gather in Memory of Laura

Here’s what you should do:

First off, you should wear blue in honor of May being Arthritis Awareness Month. Paint your nails or dye your hair or whatever you want to do with it.

Second, what are you doing at 4pm UK time? That’s 11am ET in case you’re confused.

On May 10th, a bunch of us who knew Laura of Still’s Life are getting together on a page dedicated to continuing Laura’s mission of raising awareness that her fiance’s mother runs called For the Love of Laura. We’re getting together for 10 minutes in memory of Laura being gone five months. If you were touched by Laura in any way, please stop by even if it isn’t during that 10 minute time frame.

It seems like every day is both harder and easier to deal with the grief of losing Laura. How does that even work?

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  1. Carmel says:

    I'll be at work until late at night but I've painted my nails blue and I'm wearing a blue dress. And a necklace that Laura bought me for my birthday one year. Miss her so much, think of her every day!

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