life changes, wedding

A lot of changes

Fun things I’ve been up to:

  • Moving this week (until Monday)
  • Unpacking and getting organized (forever)
  • Skipping my Cimzia because I’m bad and didn’t want to do the shot in the middle of moving so I’m on my fourth week post-shot. The med is working well for me though, so that’s happy news.
  • Practicing my ukulele because I’ll be performing in public for a few performances later in the month (WHAT)
  • Finalizing a bunch of the wedding planning – alterations and a hair trial at the end of the month and I still have to buy a good amount of stuff for decoration, etc. Shower and bachelorette party are coming up too!
  • Cutting toxic people out of my life. I may elaborate in the future, but I’ve come to realize who I want to spend spoons on and who sucks the life out of me. Life is too short, especially with limited spoons, right?
  • Starting PT again because my left knee just sucks. He’s got me doing a lot to strengthen the left hip, because he thinks that is where a lot of the issue is coming from. He also thinks that my leg length discrepancy is actually caused by my scoliosis and not the other way around – laying down it’s only maybe 1/8 of an inch, so that makes sense.
  • I want to revamp the site a little bit, so please feel free to share information on what would be helpful for you to have easy access to (journal articles? doctor lists? JA resources?)
All in all, I’m feeling like a chicken without a head haha. Things will improve at the very least after the move is over, and I really get down to business on the other things.
Hope you’re all doing well!

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  1. Ha! Just this morning on my way to work I was thinking "I should get in touch with Kirsten and see if she'd like to get together sometime." Maybe now isn't the time. ;-D

  2. Something tells me you're about to receive a fun item in the mail facilitating that 🙂

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