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Gee, if I could only get my flare to end, then I could wish you “Merry Christmas!”

It’s been an interesting week.

Thursday morning, I woke up to a very sore hip. It was bad enough that I grabbed my cane and took it to work with me… and then had to even use it.

The nerve!

It really is though, OMG
Listening to my body, I had to stay home Friday. I spent most of my day with my legs up, which helped with the pain. I went to Target for important supplies.
Buddha was a necessity!
Saturday I napped a fair amount, but I was able to be up a little more. Sunday was a different story though.
I wound up at urgent care when keeping my joints up wasn’t helping with the pain or with my ability to walk. X-rays determined that my hip was structurally fine, which determined for sure that I’m dealing with a giant jerky flare. I also got two prescriptions – one for Zohydro and another for a massive prednisone boost… 60 mg Mon-Wed, 40 mg Thurs-Sat, and 20 mg Sun-Tuesday.
Despite that, driving to work instead of busing, and working a shorter day, this is where I’ve ended up as of Monday night:
My sweet couch set up above blanket
Thank you FXX for your Simpsons binging days!
I was reminded of a few great things in the past couple of days through all of this though.
I’m making the right decision to move to my new job. It’s less of a hike for me, in the medical field, and will hopefully therefore not result in coworkers mocking my cane. Yes, that happened on Thursday, and oh my god.
I’ve dealt with crazy pain like this before without meds. I can make it through with the wonderful meds I’m happy to now have access to.
I WILL EAT ALL THE THINGS THIS WEEK… but one spoonful at a time 🙂
During a convo with one of my favorite people today, I got some awesome advice from this amazing newly diagnosed lupus and raynaud’s patient: Life give you things that are great and not so great. Think about what you can control when things are bad.
I’ll be resting a lot more this year for the holidays. I hope that you all spend more time listening to your body and doing the same!
Happy holidays!

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