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Upcoming Changes!

I’m working on some changes over the next coming weeks here on this page.

An update to the page itself may be due.

Adding more resources as I come across them in my day job will be good, especially as we work to research and develop a transition program from pediatric to adult care for our clinics.

I’ll be introducing some themed days so I get back to writing more. A part of that is that, yes I’m ill, but that’s not all of me. Surprisingly there is life outside of talking to doctors (though I do work with them…), etc. One of the things I want to focus on is me as a whole person and I’d like to share that with you. Does that mean I’ll write every week on these topics? Probably not. But I will try.

  • Munchie Mondays – food, fun recipes, or new allergy-friendly finds.
  • Therapeutic Thursdays – talk about what I’m working on in therapy, coping, etc.
  • Self-care Sundays – everything self-care and self-love from how to deal with tough people to things I find comforting.
  • Wacky Wednesday/Weekends – we’ll see what happens, but I want to post things that will make you laugh!
I thought of this idea last night about 15 minutes before falling asleep and I haven’t worked everything out quite yet. We’ll see how things fall out. Posts about the giant pile of books I have to finish reading, life updates, etc, would be in addition to these posts (I think?). There’s definitely the idea of doing alternating weeks – one week Monday may be on munchies and the next it might be on meditation.
Over the weekend, I’ll be able to work on things a little more and we’ll see where it takes us.
For now, enjoy this fun article about Alan Alda doing improv with docs!
Oh, and did you see RA was on Dr. Phil yesterday?

(side note: I do not enjoy the Phil-ster, but this was actually a good bit)

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