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Therapeutic Thursday: life changing tips and thoughts

Sometimes we initiate change and sometimes change decides to pop in. The beauty is it really doesn’t matter how the change in your life occurred, but more how you handle it… because everything changes.

For some, it takes a major illness to make changes for the better.

Others find out ways to change their lives to work towards their dreams. Do you ever wonder what it would look like if you did that? We may not know for sure the path we choose is the right one. We may not feel we’re worthy of the change. We may not be able to make our changes full time. If we embrace our fears, we can make it through – especially if we live with more intention.

If you’ve made changes, maybe you’re feeling stuck or ready to quit. Just remember that you can do this. You may have to stop expecting so much of others, which I know is SO hard. You may need to keep your assumptions in check.

Embrace the tough times.

Let go of the healthy things other seem to require.

Take some time to nurture yourself, to take time to do nothing, and remember that this is your life.

What changes are you having a hard time with?

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