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Therapeutic Thursday: fight song

Monday morning I woke up to T watching music videos on VH1, mostly because I couldn’t sleep through the night and wound up on the couch. 

I hate my shoulder.
That’s kind of become our morning though – watching music videos to prep for the day… well, that or I Love Lucy/Golden Girls. Either way. 
We were watching videos and this Rachel girl came on to discuss her video about proving something to herself by writing this song. I didn’t pay enough attention to really hear. T mentioned that it sounded like a ‘me’ song. The video finally really started and he was SO right.
I’ve become addicted. My plan is to learn the chords well enough on short notice to play them at my upcoming concerts.
Listen to it once through. Then play it again and really listen to the words.
Here’s my poor over-simplification: The significance of one person uttering one small word and setting themselves free cannot be over expressed. I’m one person, but I can make a difference. I’m fine the way I am, no matter what anyone else thinks. People may worry but I know I’m on the right path. No matter what, I’ll fight to the end because I’m a bad ass.
Like how cool is that? It was a great way to start off a day with a meeting I was a little worried about. And guess what? I ROCKED it.

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