Meeting Emily of Chronic Curve!

If you follow me, you’ve no doubt heard of Chronic Curve. She’s amazing.

She also just happens to live a few hours from Orlando, meaning T and I made the gorgeous drive out to visit her while we were down there for the JA conference. We didn’t get to spend as much time as I wish we could’ve because of the drive, but it was well worth it.
Em and I are so similar. It’s insane. Well, except that she’s met Snoop Dogg and I have not.

Insert sad face here.

The amazing thing about Em and I, though, was that, while we had vaguely heard of each other in passing before, it really took Laura’s death to bring up close together. I have no doubt that we would’ve figured out how awesome we both are sooner or later, but the fact that our friendship was cemented in such grief and sadness I think makes it that much cooler. The three of us honestly are all similar and I wish that Laura had been able to physically be there with me and Em.

I also got the distinguished honor of being the first person that Bruce the Boxer has immediately warmed up to. I think I smelled like his slobber for like two days, but I wouldn’t have changed it a bit!

Me and mah new BFF

It was so fun to meet Em and drown in Bruce slobber. The latter was definitely therapy, but so was the former. Meeting someone you admire and care about is pretty cool, but it’s elevated to new heights when it helps fill a void from a loss.

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