Do you love Lucy? Click to find out ways to help her!

Last week, we found out that there is a Lucille Ball biopic in the works. And why not? She’s AMAZING in so many ways.

One of the awesome ways she stands out is her ability to be hilarious despite her rheumatoid arthritis.

Her battle with RA was quite intense in the beginning as she remarked in her autobiography “Love, Lucy.”

I was worried that her battle with RA would, yet again, be swept under the rug. I hoped that Aaron Sorkin and Lucy’s children, Lucie and Desi Jr., would listen to someone and figure out a way to depict what happened in Lucy’s youth.

I realized that, instead of waiting for someone else to decide this was a worthy task to take on, I needed to head up the effort. After all, Lucy has helped me nearly all my life as I share in my latest post over at CreakyJoints.

I hope that you’ll join me in signing and sharing this petition asking for Lucy’s rheum battles to be included in the upcoming film. I’m sure that Cate Blanchett would do an amazing job of portraying the pain we all face every day.

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