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Munchie Mondays: how to get enough protein

One of the tough things that those of us with chronic illness often get into is dealing with eating issues. We don’t always eat well, whether that’s the quality or the amount of the food we take in.

Personally I seem to go through periods of time where my body says nope and won’t really eat much. This poses a problem, especially with me being overweight, since my metabolism doesn’t move then and my body holds on to the fat I do take in during the day…

Yup. Not eating makes you fatter.


One way I’ve encountered that is to eat stuff with high protein and a good amount of nutrients – protein bars.

A probar with peanut butter? Holy cow!

Except not, since it’s all dairy free.

I wind up with about half of the protein I need for the day with this combo which is great.

Until I found this combo, Larabars and Luna bars were my go to. They’re still good, but Luna tends to have a little more dairy than my body is being able to handle lately, so they just can’t be my every day bar right now. Larabars aren’t as filling as this probar is.

Others find that soy based products are good for them. It seems like my body isn’t in favor of those right now which, combined with my gluten issues, will be a big reason why I won’t go vegan… Well, that and I love pork too much.

Nuts and other foods can be helpful but, yet again, my body seems to have issues with these on their own. In the Larabars, I can do nuts, but they’re also not the nuts I would go for on their own. I’m not a big date eater.

I try to make sure that I eat lean proteins – fish, shrimp, chicken – when I can.

What are some ways you make sure you get enough protein?

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