Have you heard of this new site called YourCareMoments?

It’s, like, kinda awesomesauce.

And by kinda, I mean lots. Why? YOU GET PAID to do surveys based on your illnesses that help to further research and understanding of what we go through.

What’s not to like about that?

The sign up process is super simple – you just sign up here and give some basic information about yourself.

Not all illnesses are in there yet, and not all illnesses that they have are getting researched, BUT they probably will shortly!

Every so often, you’ll get emails like this one asking you to participate in a survey that YourCareMoments thinks you’ll be eligible for. The nicest thing is that, unlike some survey sites where you do this long 40 minute survey only to be found ineligible, these questions are designed for you to know if you’re right within the first TWO QUESTIONS.

The money you get depends on the length of the survey, but the ones I’ve done have each gotten me about $7 for 5 minutes or so of questions. They send me a link and I can deposit that into my PayPal account.

I’ve used that money to help other chronic illness people have enough gas to get to appointments and such. It helps me feel good to be able to give back like that.

So come join me in getting money by participating in research and helping to improve the lives of others living with chronic illnesses!


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