A post for parents

Hey guys.

How are things?

I know I don’t always address y’all, and that isn’t cool. If you’ve read a lot on my site, you’ll know that I don’t really relate well with the whole parenting thing. I’d love to, you know, not feel like an orphan. Where’s a tardis to turn back time when you need one?

In my recent life as a guinea pig mom, I’ve started learning a lot more about mothering and just how amazingly difficult it can be to handle a sick kid. I know guinea pigs aren’t kids, but gosh, they really are my baby boys. They’ve each had issues that T and I freaked out over, made vet appointments, and loved on those boys a lot more than normal.

I’m not stranger to worrying about and helping with kids, having rushed to California earlier this year due to my then-newborn nephew’s congenital heart defect and resulting open heart surgery. He’s doing well now, but still. And his big sister is so smart. I think of them every day.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to deal with this all as a parent, from the practical matters of working or income with doctor’s appointments to the lack of pediatric rheumatologists forcing you to have long breaks in between visits you have to travel hours for to watching your baby be sick and yet so amazingly them.

So here’s a post for you, to recognize all the things you do and all the emotional crud you go through while you hide it to fight for your kids.

You freaking rock.


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