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Charging… 90%

How do you recharge?

Last week, I talked about how integral the piggies are in helping me get energized.
I mean, you cannot be sad and spoon-less while looking at these babies.
Spending time with them does wonders for me. It helps me focus on taking care of myself in a selfless way because I have to be there for them.
It makes it easier to be nice to myself.
When I was in New York at the beginning of the month, it really struck me how much they help me to gain energy and use it wisely… how instrumental they are in helping me rest but also be active.
I seriously missed my boys beyond what words can convey.
When working on building skills for EMDR, I actually picked as my safe place a scene that plays out at least once a week. 
The boys take turns running around on the floor and I play with them.
T is getting better at joining in, but in EMDR I see him playing one of his games.
We’re all happy and interacting even though we may be doing different things.
It is the safest I’ve ever felt in my entire life, and it gives me the energy to do what’s best for me and for our furry little family.
Now I want to hear about you – how do YOU recharge?

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  1. I also love having my cat. He's very affectionate and will even play games with us. We all think he has an identity crisis thinking he's a dog! On my bad days he will curl up with me and is never far away. On my good days he will even come for a walk with me down by the river. Pets are truly amazing.

  2. They very much are! I am so grateful that they are so intuitive and so loving.

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