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A Recap of My Time as the Dane County Walk to Cure Arthritis Adult Honoree

I had SO much fun back on the 7th at the Dane County Walk to Cure Arthritis! Our team Puck Arthritis raised over $1100 to help other patients like me living with arthritis.
I had such a great time being the adult honoree and working with Hana Johnson at the Arthritis Foundation.
She hung out with me at WORT on the 2nd despite having been in a car accident earlier in the day to help talk about how arthritis affects people here in Wisconsin. You can take a listen to our hour-long segment here:
Hana is pretty much the best.
By Saturday, I was more than ready to dress up all hockey-like, so…
T and I dressed up in hockey jerseys and made this amazing sign:
Neither of us has drawing skills, so we are really proud of that! T drew and I colored in.
I especially love his goalie:
It’s beautiful.
I had to give a speech and I did not write one beforehand… but it actually went pretty dang well!
Gia, the youth honoree, and her mom are to my right.
I got a snazzy sign to put up in my office.
My team had a blast.
My stick had names of people with arthritis and I will have to take closer photos to share later on.
My friend Jill and her husband Gary even drove down from Minnesota to come walk with us!
Our friend Janice brought along her son Jesse along with his wife Sharon and their baby boy.
Sharon, by the way, was the captain of the 2006 Wisconsin Badger’s Women’s Hockey NCAA Championship team… So, basically, it was like the best day ever.
Once we got home, I finally SLEPT! My fatigue from the previous two weeks finally resulted in a three-hour nap.
I so needed it.
Thank you to those of you who came out, donated, or helped spread the word. You rock!

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