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Are you ready for the #selfcaremvmt???

A while back, I wrote a few blog posts about self-care:

In each, I discussed how I was introduced to Self Care Catalysts through ePharma. Their upcoming movement centers around how important it is to care for ourselves as patients with chronic illnesses and to celebrate the moments where we have been able to care for ourselves.
Now it’s time for the Self Care Mvmt event in Toronto! 
Thanks Wikipedia!
You best believe this Wisconsin girl is going to have a heck of a time near the Hockey Hall of Fame even if the Blue Jays aren’t at home. I will also bring back as much maple syrup as they allow me to because I need the good stuff to make some maple donuts. For not having grown up in Wisconsin, I really fit in here. WOW.
Mostly, I am just so stoked to be spending time with my pals Lene and Kristin.
Please check out the tag #selfcaremvmt on Twitter for more fun stuff, especially Monday night. You can also catch up on stories that many chronic illness peeps have shared here.

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