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The latest from the rheumy

The Friday before Oreo passed away, I had a big rheumy appointment. I mean, I thought it was going to be big at least.
Appts with colds = ick btw
Maybe even Michael Bay explosions big.
In 2010, I was in the worst flare I’ve ever experienced. My sed rate has certainly had its ups and downs – as a child, I recall closer to 100 but, unfortunately, my medical records were murdered, so…
I thought that we might have the discussion of the ‘R-word’ at my appointment – remission. But, since my fibromyalgia is still flaring like a bitch, that was the subject of our conversation instead. My fibro is heavily affecting my neck, shoulders, and upper back. Since I am struggling to get relief, we are going to try trigger point injections and acupuncture which, thankfully, are offered under my insurance.
I’m nervous at the prospect of the trigger point injections as I know others, like my sweet friend Kenzie, have had them and did not necessarily enjoy the process. We handle pain well, but damn y’all, I’m nervous. I am excited at the prospect of pain relief at least.
My appointment to even be evaluated isn’t until after the JA Conference East in Philly so the latter half of August. I think I’ll try to get a massage before that to see if that will help for while I travel to and from Philly. Luckily, T will be coming with me so that should help with some things. After all, our anniversary is the Tuesday after the conference, so it works.
I really want to get to the point where I’m not sitting here concerned about my fibro interfering with my life like it has lately. I want to feel as amazing as my labs look.

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