Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges

Are Our Flaws Really Negative?

Identify one to three of your biggest flaws and write below all the ways these have served you well to help you foster greater self-acceptance, in spite of your imperfection. 

For example, your impatience may help you be persistent, enabling you to do well in your career; and your sensitivity may contribute to your power as a performer. 

Did this help you feel any differently about your flaws? How might it affect your actions if you remembered these things going forward?

I will be the first to say that I have a lot of flaws… but I will also be the first to admit how important these flaws can be to my health and life.
I help people maybe a little bit too much.
I tend to be the first to be swindled out of money by people needing it – I used to be the person everyone borrowed money (or things) from and then they’d conveniently forget to pay me back. Because of that, I tend to only give money to people due to illness issues now. On the positive, this helps me to help others which I love doing. I also know that it really does make an impact to those I help.
I am stubborn. 
Stubbornness is often seen as a flaw, but I also believe that it is a gift. It has helped me to protect myself from abusers, practice self-care, and get the right treatments and diagnoses.
I take no shit.
This could probably be a part, really, of being stubborn. I tend to give people only a few chances. If they are dismissive or negative to me about my illnesses or life, I drop them. While this means that I’ve lost friends – and, in turn, lost out on being able to participate in some cool events due to refusing to interact with certain people – it also means I’m being more true to myself. This helps me embrace myself more in addition to having other awesome people appreciate my truthiness and badassery.

What are some of your flaws? What are some positive things they’ve done in your life?
PS: Today we’re leaving for the JA Conference East in Philly. I will be slower to respond to things until Tuesday-ish. T is coming with me so we’re taking an extra few days to visit friends and family in the area – and celebrate our wedding-versary.

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