Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges

Dear Little Kirsten…

Write a letter to your younger self, thank her for any wise decisions that led you to where you are today. If you’re not pleased with where your decisions have led you, thank your younger self for being brave enough to take chances, even if they didn’t pan out as you’d hoped they would.

How did you feel about yourself and your life after writing this?
Dear Lil K,
There is so much that I wish I could tell you. Even though some of that might help you avoid shitty situations, they might lead you down a road where I am not ‘me.’
Oh, it’s super cool to use curse words like shit. Do it a lot.
Thank you for pushing, for making it through so much so far. I hate to tell you that there is still more coming but know that you will make it through.
Thank you for doing what you had to in order to survive, even though some of it makes you feel like an awful human being because you were complacent and even took part in abuse. 
Thank you for staying true to yourself when you could, though, and speaking up about how people did unspeakable things.
Thank you for writing, for using the skills that you have to talk as loud as you can. It doesn’t usually pay (yet), but it helps change minds and support others.
Thank you for moving to Wisconsin. I know you weren’t enthused about it, BUT SNOW. Also, this leads to you meeting a dude you marry and that’s pretty badass. Don’t give up on him, even if you feel like you’re not worthy. 
You are.

Thank you for sticking by your sister. It is the best decision you have ever made. I’m sure some of this will defy the rules of time-travel/self-communication, but she has two kids and they are amazing. They think the world of you, just like their momma.
These four people? They need you.
Thank you for being brave. At first, it might only be for them, but soon it becomes for you.
Thank you for staying, for pushing away that idea that you could end your pain. 
Thank you for fighting. It’s something that comes to you naturally, but it becomes even more vital than I can explain to you right now.

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  1. Dear little Rick, Say bull shit more and think it true more.

    PS: your going to have a pretty good life, so suck it up buddy.

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