kirsten and the quest for a diagnosis

Now We Play the Waiting Game

I had acupuncture bright and early at 8:30 this morning. I had to bring up the symptoms I’ve been having lately. My pain rehab doctor said he thinks this sounds nerve-related and we got to the needles in my back bit.
After stopping and getting labs done for my rheumatologist, I called her office and left a message to have someone call me back. I rely heavily on my rheumy because, as great as my primary care doc is, she is extremely busy and can’t usually see me on an emergency basis like my rheumy can.
When her nurse called back, I explained what’s going on. She practiced great reflective listening and said she was concerned about my cervical spine.
I am, too.
I then explained my familial history of MS and she knew exactly where my mind was going.
Neither of us were happy. She said she’d talk with the rheumy and call me back. The nearly-four-hour wait was really hard to sit through – so much so that I slept for part of it. The nurse actually woke me up when she called, but I was more than happy for that.
“Let’s start with X-rays.”
I popped to the clinic near my apartment and got the highest number of X-rays done on my neck that I’ve ever had.
My biggest wish right now is that the X-rays show something, some hint of something at least. I don’t want this to be an issue of my disease affecting my neck, but I’ll take that over MS because of my history of watching that take a life before the breakthroughs made in the last twenty years.
Now we play the waiting game.
This is an update kinda to the last post.


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