kirsten and the quest for a diagnosis

Diagnosis: Nothing

I woke up way earlier than I have in a while to head in for an MRI this morning. It went pretty well and very quickly. I was told I should hear something by tomorrow.
But, surprise, my neurologist shot me a note just now! Unfortunately, the results really don’t help do anything but rule out some stuff.
Everything looks fine in my noggin and neck. I do have “prominent lymph nodes noted within the upper neck and submandibular regions” AKA the lymph nodes I’ve always had swollen for approximately 23 years. Of course, the left side is generally worse on a day-to-day basis in regards to the lymph nodes.
There are no lesions, hemorrhages, stenosis, or really anything.
Real talk? I’m glad this isn’t MS. I’ve talked about how that scares me just because of my experience with my great grandma passing away from related complications. Yes, this was in 1999 and there have been great advancements since then, but it’s still a scary thought. I had kind of made peace with the fact that it might be and steps to take afterward and all of that.
The fact that I have no answers after all this testing kinda sucks.
At least I know that this neurologist is ready to stay by my side and figure out what’s going on. And, hey, maybe we can get my migraines under control, too.

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  1. Well I am thrilled it is not MS. Having lived in proximity to a person with MS, I can say it scares me as well. So next find the answer, knowing it is not something is knowing something and knowing something is knowing.

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