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We Disability Rights Activists Knew the GOP Wanted Us Dead Already

Yesterday, the House passed their bullshit health bill.
This bill targets special education, turns sexual assault and C-sections into pre-existing conditions, and affects even those on employer-based plans. It affects the LGBT+ community even more. They’ve even had the audacity to exclude themselves. The only potential upside is that at least the Senate won’t be voting on this specific bill.
Still, it’s what we disability rights activists have been saying for a long time – that eugenics-related bills have been passed to harm us for eons. The Nazis practiced and ‘perfected’ their Holocaust shit on us. In the 90’s – yes, the 1990’s – we had to harm ourselves in public by crawling on Washington to get any protections.
This is another in a long line. And another in a long line that could’ve been avoided had people been listening to us to begin with… but that’s another story.
As someone who has a whole shit ton to lose from this bill, I’m pissed. But I’m fired up and ready to go. I hope you are, too, cause it’s gonna take all of us to fight this.
Here’s how:
Talk about shit on social media. Use hashtags like #healthhasnoparty #iamapreexistingcondition or #ifidiefrommypreexistingcondition. Tag your representatives, local news outlets, and major news outlets.
Make videos.
Write letters to the editor. Get on the news.
Contact your Senators. Do it today. Do it tomorrow and every single day, right up to the vote.
Remember that you can text RESIST to 50409 to utilize Resist Bot, which will compile your thoughts into a fax. This is far more likely to be read than email – and easier for many of us than calling.
After you contact each day, take some time to lick your wounds. We all have them right now – and we all need to take care of ourselves.


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