T is away for the weekend, which means I’m working on getting a lot of things done around the house. It was already my plan but definitely became a necessity after the fibro flare I was dealing with earlier this month.
I’ve been behind on so much from cleaning to putting things away and more. It’s really hard to do those kinds of things if your body doesn’t want to even wear clothes, ya know?
I’ve been keeping some of my cleaning plans under wraps – AKA not telling T everything I plan to accomplish – because I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it all. If I don’t share those things, maybe I won’t feel as guilty if I don’t accomplish them.
One of the big things on the list was to pay the $650+ in medical bills I had sitting around.
[gradient photo from yellow (top) to purple (bottom) of me with the back of my hand to my mouth and looking away from the camera]
So many of those bills are from trying to figure out what these new symptoms are from. It stings to have to pay over $400 alone for my MRI – a test which didn’t find anything. Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad that there isn’t any obvious brain and neck stuff, but I want answers.
I wish that we knew what was wrong – then, I would at least feel justified in paying so much.
Oh well. Off to soak my woes in guinea pig laundry, dishes, and cool things.


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