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Matt Across America

photo of a road in the desert and Matt Iseman (with an exaggerated large head) stands wearing a suit in the left corner; the Joint Decisions logo is at top middle; a road sign has "October 4" on it with a stamp to its right featuring the FB Live symbol; at bottom is a green text box with white text and logos "Go to [FB Logo] @JointDecisionsRA" and below "[FB like symbol] to be notified when Matt goes live!"
If you’ve been paying attention to the Joint Decisions Facebook page this morning, you already know that there’s something exciting going on! If you missed it, though, head over and check out all the lives videos with Matt Iseman being posted today on Facebook and Instagram.
In case you missed it: Janssen Biotech, Inc. and Joint Decisions are launching Matt Across America – a photo contest to raise awareness and help people understand what infusion therapy for RA is like.
Over the next few months, cardboard versions of the amazing Matt Iseman will be traveling to infusion offices across America, and we’re encouraging people with RA to share photos of their infusion day (by taking a selfie with Matt’s cardboard likeness) to help patients connect with one another and see what getting an IV can really look like.
It can be scary. Before Matt started infusion therapy to treat his RA, he wasn’t sure what to expect – and he’s a doctor
If you’re lucky enough to snag a cardboard cut-out, here’s what you do:
1. Post the selfie to Facebook and/or Instagram
2. Using #MattMeAndIV and #Contest
3. Tag @JointDecisionsRA to enter
At the end of the campaign, the lucky winner will get a meet-and-greet with Matt Iseman!
It’s days like these I actually am sad that I do a shot at home for my treatment.
Matt will be LIVE throughout the day today on Joint Decisions’ Facebook and Instagram pages, talking about his experience with RA. You can also learn more, print a “Matt” in case he’s not traveling to your infusion center, and see photos throughout his journey across America on the JD FB page.

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