effects, lower body


It feels overrated, but is a huge necessity for me right now.

I am so scared right now. I’m not sure if my emotional state is pushing the physical problems to be worse, or vice versa.
My left knee is the biggest problem lately. As a child, it’s the one that I tripped and got rocks stuck in and the one that I flipped a cart full of stuff onto. It tends to be terribly hard to walk with one knee freaking out and the other definitely threatening to follow suit, if it isn’t already doing so.
I get paid on Saturday. With the money that doesn’t go to bills or savings (or gas – jeez), I want to try and take some more herbal supplements like dandelion, garlic, and ginger to help with the pain and inflammation instead of trying to depend so very much on pain killers like Advil and the like. Of course, getting some insurance and actually getting on some JRA treatments couldn’t hurt either.

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