Another Day, More Rash

Here are some more pictures of rash:
This is my right knee as of this morning. You can see now the pimply nature I was trying to discuss yesterday.
This is just above my left knee. The rash that was on my knee has spread upwards again. It seems as though this spot is gaining in size as the morning goes on.
Oddly enough, rash does tend to show up in such odd places as lips and in the mouth. Here you can see my lower lip is swollen to almost twice its normal size and is dark red compared to the upper lip. Last night, the rash began on the underside of my chin and on the backside of my left hip.
I do have another large spot on my left thumb joint, but my cell phone fails to see the importance of uploading the picture. As long as I have the rash this bad and I get them up, expect to see more pictures.

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