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Chronic Pain and You

So, I’m finally free from the hardcore arthritis pain that I was experiencing. After my last post, I ended up getting a hugely swollen upper lip while my boyfriend and I were shopping in Madison. Talk about a mood killer.
Sorry about the crappy quality. Taking pictures in a Red Robin with the camera phone is a little awkward.
Speaking of boyfriends… Could your chronic pain condition be affecting your relationships? That is, of course, a trick question. The majority of people do have a problem, at least from time to time, feeling supported or knowing how to handle pain together. Sara Nash, of The Single Gal’s Guide to Rheumatoid Arthritis, discusses the dangers of dating with RA.
There is also the question of the role of diet in chronic pain conditions. Want to know more? Just click here. I can tell you though that the only rule I follow is the one on aspartame, but that could just be because I’m allergic to it. I do try to stay away from a lot of additives and, when it’s plausible, I do try to eat more organic foods.

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