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Physical Activity

I am really frustrated with my body right now.

I haven’t really done a lot physical since I came down with bronchitis right before Christmas. I’m really at the tail end of it right now, so it’s more like I just have a cold. The last big physical thing I did was go to the mall a few weeks ago.
Yesterday, while showering, I totally nicked the back of my left ankle in a couple of spots. It bled for a while and didn’t seem to want to stop. I had to tape some gauze on the back of my heel to stop the bleeding after a good ten minutes of applying pressure.
Last night I went to a basketball game with the boyfriend and his dad at my university. It was pretty cool. My school won and all in all it was a pretty great game. We got to sit court-side, which was pretty awesome. The seats weren’t the most comfortable, which was not a big deal. I was pretty worried about how close we were because I didn’t want to get in the players’ way, so I kind of twisted and bent my ankles to keep them off the court. Apparently that was a really stupid idea.
The boyfriend and I went to Discovery World today, which was pretty awesome. If you haven’t gone, it’s definitely a fun thing to eat up a couple hours of your day. It does involve a fair amount of walking though… which shouldn’t have been a problem right?
Apparently I’m wrong about that. I am super wiped out physically right now. We were only in DW for not even three hours and I was wearing sneakers. I started feeling the urge to limp pretty quickly unfortunately, but I wasn’t going to let it stop me from enjoying my time.
I feel fatigued, sick to my stomach, and I definitely have rash all over my face. My eyes have also been redder, which worries me since I have had a history of arthritis interacting with my eyes. It always bothers me when I feel like I can’t do normal people things without feeling completely and utterly wiped out.
It’s not just how I feel physically though. How do I go about turning down something fun because of how I think I might feel? I’m one of those people who likes to try new things all the time and go out and be active. Unfortunately, it seems as though my body doesn’t quite share my enthusiasm.
Since I feel down the stairs right before Christmas, my arthritis has gotten worse. I guess that, in the past, I haven’t really had to put very many limits on my physical activity. Unfortunately, until (or, the worse option – unless) the disease begins to be more dormant again, it seems like I’m going to have to learn to listen to my body’s warning signs just a little better. For now, I have an ankle to ice and keep up.

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