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Are You Hungry?

I’ve been going through one of those periods of time lately where I’m not really all that hungry. It’s really frustrating, especially being hypoglycemic. I have to eat every so often, or I get grumpy. I also tend to get worried about the struggle I have with the eating disorder that mostly developed in my first year of high school. It really makes me worry whether or not my lack of appetite is due to my RA, which has been known to happen.

Rash: after my post yesterday, I noticed that my knees had some pretty bad rash

Pain: jaw again, stupid wisdom teeth coming in
Inflammation: a little in my jaw
Meds: I took three ibuprofen last night before bed, but they’ve definitely worn off by now, haha
Stress level: right now it’s not bad-ish
Other notes: I’m getting super excited for my trip!!
Things to make you smile: Umm, you need to watch this show because it’s hilarious

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