A cure for arthritis might not be as far away as once thought. A new antibiotic combination has been used to treat people whose arthritis was caused by Chlamydia. For most of us, this isn’t the case. Still, the fact that this drug is really helping people go into complete remission gives me hope for the future.
Also, here’s the story of a brave 13-year-old girl with RA.

Rash: my face, as always – UGH. Makeup doesn’t even help. This is super annoying. I always assume people think there’s something wrong with me or that I’m mad.

Pain: I’m starting to get a headache… and my wrist is still being awkward… and so is my right ankle.
Inflammation: nothing actually seems too bad right now, except the ankle.
Meds: none
Stress level: low
Other notes: I’m ready for the summer, but not for graduation, go figure.
Things to make you smile: one of my favorite websites, ZooBorns

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