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Baseball and JRA

They’re not normally things you would associate with one another. Almost unequivocally, those with JRA do not have the ability to participate in such physical activities. We get really tired really easily, and nothing seems to help. Nonetheless, one of my favorite things to do is watch baseball and, when I can, play catch. I actually write for a baseball blog that follows the Milwaukee Brewers, and get to do fun stuff like interview draft picks. [Shameless plug – my interview with the Brewers number one draft pick will be up on Brew Crew Ball today at 1pm CT]

I’m not going to lie, I totally cried when I saw this. When I was finally diagnosed with JRA, there were maybe five websites talking about it. Now there are hundreds, and more people are becoming aware of the problems that kids face with this disease.
Justin Morneau is the first baseman for the Minnesota Twins. His niece, Madelyn, was diagnosed with JRA a few years ago. Sunday night, the Twins hosted their second annual ‘Justin Morneau’s Casino Night’ to raise money for JRA research and more. For the full story, head over to the Twins’ news page. Pictures from the event are here.
If more major athletes or celebrities were to make arthritis their ’cause’ and be very open and public about it, more people would hear about the pain and be willing to help. The more help the researchers get, the faster they can develop better medicines and, who knows, maybe one day a cure.

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