nortriptyline, rash

Guess Who’s Back? (rash is back)

on left, picture of Kirsten with purple cloth across chest and rash on face, chest, arm; on right, a reddish text box with white text "Guess Who's Back (rash is back) Not Standing Still's Disease"
Yesterday was one of the roughest rheumatic days I’ve had in a really long time.
I woke up in extreme pain, with my hip feeling as though I had bursitis again. My knees and ankles were horrendously achy. It was so bad that I set up a ton of pillows, broke out the ice packs, and turned on my Oska Pulse.
All day, I was just in a lot of pain. It wasn’t until T came home that it got even worse – the rash hit full force.
Because I struggle with temperature regulation issues, I often get warm randomly. This was different, though. I knew there was rash. Listen, this damn rash is something I remember dealing with all my life. Sometimes I wrongly assume that I have it, but that’s pretty rare. It’s obvious to me when it appears. It hasn’t really popped up recently, though, because my disease has been well-controlled.
I got up and went to the bathroom, nearly crying when I saw just how bad my rash was.
It switched sides throughout the night, moving from my left to my right over about an hour. Soon, it was on my legs, too. Sleeping was hard, though not nearly as hard as when I was a child. I remember barely sleeping, tossing and turning in pain. This time, I just couldn’t get to sleep and then I was out quickly for a few hours at a time.
Not everyone’s rash itches or is uncomfortable. If I recall correctly, I think it’s under 10% (5% maybe?) who do have that… and I’m one. Hooray?
I’m hoping that this is all due to the quickly-changing weather we’ve been having. We had a horrid storm run through the night before with temps still near 100 at night. As much as I want to, though, I can’t exactly rule out that this isn’t from upping my nortriptyline, either. I hope that it isn’t, but only time will tell.

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