Nortriptyline Day 21

darkened photo of syringe, a pink pill, a white capsule, and two orange and white capsules - under, a yellow label with black text: "Nortriptyline Day 21" - under is a white space with black text "Not Standing Still's Disease"
I called my neurologist’s office the other day to update them on how the nortiptyline was working.
After waiting five hours for a call back, I explained that this was helping a bit but not as much as I’d like. I also brought up nausea I’ve been having with this medication – something that’s made the motion sickness I’ve had for a few years even worse.
I threw up several times the other day in a car. I’ve learned I really can’t sit in the backseat right now.
We decided to double my dose and see what happens. If the nausea gets to be too much, we’ll look at a new medication.
I have been able to be more productive lately, which is nice. I still am waking up with migraines, but they dissipate throughout the day – not always, obviously, but usually. I’m having to rely less on my Axon Optics. I love them but it is nice to not always have to have them on.
We’ll see how 20 mg of nortiptyline works.

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