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I was trying to figure out what the worst part of the arthritis seems to be. It’s difficult to decide – I mean, there are so many factors to decide between, right?

Obviously, the joint pain/freeze has got to be the worst right? For example, I stayed over at the boyfriend’s last night. As I was getting up this morning to get ready from work, I nearly fell down because my knees and hips were not willing to cooperate at all. Not being able to do something that everyone takes for granted definitely sucks.

But the fatigue is pretty crappy too. I almost feel like I could deal with the pain if I wasn’t so tired all the time. The biggest thing I did yesterday, aside from putting things away in the boyfriend’s apartment, was laundry… Oh, and we went to a baseball game – A nice, sit-down-and-watch-people kind of thing. Why was I so tired? It’s ridiculous.

But then I was thinking that the emotional debilitation was probably the worst. I mean, the fatigue makes that worse for sure, but that makes the pain worse, which makes the fatigue worse, right? I feel upset about the things I’m going through, or like I’m not good enough for anything – that never makes things better.

So what’s the worst part about RA? It doesn’t seem like one single thing can be pinpointed. It’s too bad – maybe if something could be, that would help find a cure more quickly.

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  1. I completely agree. It is a vicious cycle of pain, depression, and fatigue. As far as a cure, I wonder if there will ever be a cure. This disease is too lucrative for drug companies. My humira is $1400 a month. They certainly don't want me cured.

  2. Yeah, seriously. Some days, I almost start believing those crazy informercial guys who say there's a cure, but the pharm companies don't want it to be known… Might almost be worth trying to find one of their books used haha.

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